Life saving, Time saving, Money saving services!

Ambulance Booking

NO long Procedure, NO Waste in Time intimating the location. Just One Click in that golden hour and save the life.

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Clinic Appointments

Perfect way to find your suitable and Specialist doctor at your locality. You can book instant appointments, store all your health records in our Application.

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Breakdown Assistance

Book for a Service at your breakdown location. You can even TOW your vehicle by just ONE TAP from your breakdown location.

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Now book through Google assistant or Siri

SHOUT OUT..!for help if you are in emergency or just tell Google Assistant, EMFRIEND will recognize it and will be in service for you!

Through our app make your mobile a


Dont have an emfriend app in your device or new to our services ?? Whatsapp your location with few details to this number

We will be happy to serve you :-)

+91 9740133473

Who can avail emfriend services?

When can you avail?  In what situations? etc....

Yes, Indeed!! You can avail services in both Medical and Non Medical Emergencies


Undergoing any kind of Delivery pain or finding hard to have a track of follow-ups?

Stay Cool and Calm!!! We are here, we nurture you and your child with Care


Experiencing any signs of Dull pain or Heaviness in the chest.

JUST RELAX!!  One Tap, EMFRIEND will provide instant necessary services and medication.

Road accidents

Met with Accident?? Bleeding???

Not to Worry!!! We nurture you with our instant emergency and aided service in minimal time.

Health Checkups

Looking for any experienced and Specilized Doctor in your Locality?

Here is a perfect solution to locate & Schedule an appointment with the doctor Anytime, Anywhere.

Vehicle sudden damage/breakdown

Experiencing breakdown issues in the middle of the road? EMFRIEND is there to assist you with the service. Additionally, with Towing facility.

Any illness

Hard to find Assistance for your Illness/ Hospital at your neighbouring places? EMFRIEND acts as a Clinic/Hospital finder nearby your locality.

Features that really mean to save time and precious life

Location based

Now you can book Ambulance at your preffered location. EMFRIEND is well fitted with Google map to trace your location easily.

24 X 7 X 365 days Assistance

Request Emergency help/Assistance. We are there to assist you round the clock, to manage your requirements.


SIMPLE -- EASY -- FAST Approach.

Completely automated,   Just ONE TAP and get your service done at your finger tips.

Integration of e-PCR

A unique approch where your complete health history will be sent to the approaching Hospital for Pre-Diagnosis.

How can We Book??

EMFRIEND offers its functionality in 4 easisest kinds of methods

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Will be posted soon!
Will be posted soon!
Will be posted soon!

who we refer as AMIGO's??

An instant network of Responders which will assist and Pre-Diagnose in any Emergency situation i.e., Aid the victims, repair, consult etc

Ambulance service providers (Private/Govt)

A responsible and solicitous person who accepts the request, travels to victim's location and transit the victim in Ambulance and drops him to the nearest notified hospital.


They are Emergency medical responders, who study and pre-diagnose the victim and updates EPCR reports to approaching Hospital. They have the additional benefits where they can have Conference Call with Doctors


They Live Track tthe Ambulance and updates the Bed Availablity in the Hospital Unit.

Automobile org's (local garage / Branded centres)

They Live Track tthe Ambulance and updates the Bed Availablity in the Hospital Unit.

Details will be revealed soon!!

Watch our Intro video here!!

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